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As the key resource and champion for energy efficiency in the Midwest, we help a diverse range of stakeholders understand and implement cost-effective energy efficiency strategies that provide economic and environmental benefits. 

Paige K Headshot

Paige Knutsen

Executive Director

William Angelos Headshot

William Angelos

Deputy Director

Miranda Andrade

Miranda Andrade

Associate, Market Solutions & Education

Arlinda Bajrami headshot

Arlinda Bajrami

Manager, Policy & Stakeholder Engagement

MK Ramker Headshot

Mary Kate Bond

Associate, Marketing

Gillis Buckingham seated in front of a window wearing a blue sportcoat

Gillis Buckingham

Senior Accountant

Chris Burgess headshot

Chris Burgess

Technical Lead, Building Codes

Celeste Coughlin Headshot

Celeste Coughlin

Manager, Development & Grants

Tanner Davies

Tanner Davies

Associate, Market Solutions & Education

Kathryn Eggers headshot

Kathryn Eggers

Manager, Market Solutions & Education

Greg Ehrendreich Headshot

Gregory Ehrendreich

Senior Analyst

Zoya Ehsan Headshot

Zoya Ehsan

RAY Clean Energy Fellow

John Gossman Headshot

John Gossman

Associate, Building Codes & Policy

Molly Graham Headshot

Molly Graham

Director, Market Solutions & Education

Emma Hurbanis Headshot

Emma Hurbanis

Associate, Building Codes & Policy

Kelly Lauginiger Headshot

Kelley Lauginiger

Manager, Building Codes & Policy

Alison Lindburg headshot

Alison Lindburg

Director, Building Codes & Policy

Maddie Liput headshot

Maddie Liput

Manager, Building Codes & Policy

Adrienne McGee headshot

Adrienne McGee

Senior Associate, Membership

Chris Moshage headshot

Chris Moshage

Manager, HR & Operations

Natalie Newman headshot

Natalie Newman

Senior Associate, Policy & Stakeholder Engagement

Jen Rhodes Headshot

Jen Rhodes

Director, Membership & External Relations

Joe Ricchiuto headshot

Joe Ricchiuto

Technical Manager, Market Solutions & Education

Clara Stein Headshot

Clara Stein

Associate, Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

Michelle Thorsell headshot

Michelle Thorsell

Project Manager, Building Codes & Compliance

Maddie W Headshot

Maddie Wazowicz

Director, Policy

Kit White Headshot

Kit White

Manager, Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

Trevor Worthy Headshot

Trevor Worthy

Policy Intern