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As the key resource and champion for energy efficiency in the Midwest, we help a diverse range of stakeholders understand and implement cost-effective energy efficiency strategies that provide economic and environmental benefits. 

Stacey Paradis headshot

Stacey Paradis

Executive Director

William Angelos

William Angelos

Deputy Director

Corie Anderson headshot

Corie Anderson

Senior Building Policy Associate

Arlinda Bajrami headshot

Arlinda Bajrami

Policy Manager

Michaela Belcher headshot

Michaela Belcher

Marketing Associate

Gillis Buckingham seated in front of a window wearing a blue sportcoat

Gillis Buckingham

Senior Accountant

Chris Burgess headshot

Chris Burgess

Buildings Director

Amanda Caloras headshot

Amanda Caloras

Policy Associate

Kathryn Eggers headshot

Kathryn Eggers

Market Solutions & Education Manager

Greg Ehrendreich

Gregory Ehrendreich

Senior Analyst

Molly Graham headshot

Molly Graham

Market Solutions & Education Director

Sonia Holsen headshot

Sonia Holsen

Market Solutions & Education Associate

Christian Koch headshot

Christian Koch

Policy Associate

Jason Liechty headshot

Jason Liechty

Policy Director

Alison Lindburg

Alison Lindburg

Senior Building Policy Manager

Maddie Liput headshot

Maddie Liput

Senior Building Policy Associate

Kathy Machaj headshot

Kathy Machaj

Senior Associate Market Solutions & Education

Adrienne McGee headshot

Adrienne McGee

Senior Membership Associate

Chris Moshage headshot

Christopher Moshage

Senior HR & Operations Associate

Natalie Newman headshot

Natalie Newman

Policy Associate

Katie Nicholson headshot

Katie Nicholson

Development & Grants Manager

Jen Rhodes headshot

Jen Rhodes

Membership & External Relations Director

Joe Ricchiuto headshot

Joe Ricchiuto

Technical Manager

Michelle Thorsell headshot

Michelle Thorsell

Buildings Project Manager

Maddie headshot

Maddie Wazowicz

Policy Manager