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A Missed Opportunity: How Ohio’s HB 6 Partial Repeal Bill (HB 128) Neglects Energy Efficiency

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On March 31st, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed HB 128 into law, formally enacting a partial HB 6 repeal bill that eliminates certain provisions of the law but does nothing to revive statewide utility energy efficiency programs.   For context, Governor Dewine signed HB 6 into law in 2019, which ended Ohio’s Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) and is now tied to an alleged $60 million  racketeering conspiracy that publicly emerged in 2020.   Among other changes, HB 6 authorized a monthly surcharge on all customer electric bills to subsidize two…

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Catching Up with the 2021 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference Scholarship Recipients

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For the second year, MEEA offered scholarships to students across the Midwest to attend the 2021 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference. The scholarship, generously sponsored by Nexant, allowed 10 students to attend the virtual conference at no cost. The opportunity was open to college, graduate and trade students throughout the Midwest. The scholarship recipients, Temitope Bankefa (University of North Dakota), Abigail Boyer (Western Michigan University), Kyle Bruemmer (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College), Ke Ding (Beloit College), Karl Hoesch (University of Michigan, School for Environment and Sustainability), Angie Quiroga Torres (University of Illinois Springfield), Zach Ruppenthal (Western Michigan University), Lesley Sheridan (…

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Climate Change and the Texas/ERCOT Energy Crisis—How Human Behavior Poses Challenges and Opportunities to Building a More Resilient Energy System

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People around the United States watched in dismay as Texans suffered through a terrible series of events in mid-February —below average temperatures, rolling blackouts that lasted nearly five days for some, burst pipes, energy bill spikes and an overall sense of trauma and shock. This incident is both alarming and tragic. However, as with any crisis, there is a post-event silver lining: lessons can be learned and improvements made to prevent repetition, increase energy system resilience and protect people more effectively. Some of the lessons center on human behavior—how to incentivize it, how to modify it and how to prevent certain behaviors from reoccurring. This piece will highlight a few of these lessons, discussing energy system…

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