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Conference Recap: 11th Annual Midwest Building Energy Codes Conference

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Last month, MEEA hosted the 11th annual Midwest Building Energy Codes Conference. This year’s conference was held virtually October 20-22, and while the event felt a little different than previous years, participants new and old still relished insightful sessions and discussions from our top-tier speakers and attendees. Day 1 The conference kicked off with welcoming remarks from MEEA’s Building Program Director, Chris Burgess. MEEA shared insights into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our region, including how it has influenced policymaking efforts, code effective dates and energy efficiency jobs in the region. Following these remarks, representatives from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska,…

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Ohio Utilities Move Forward, Face Hurdles with Energy Efficiency

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MEEA’s mission to support and advance energy efficiency across the Midwest typically takes shape as promoting supportive policies and the positive impact of EE like new jobs, energy savings, economic impacts and environmental benefits. From time to time, though, the Midwest experiences challenges to energy efficiency. New polices in Ohio have become the greatest barrier to energy efficiency in the Midwest right now, essentially ending all EE programs on December 31, 2020. How did we get here when energy efficiency has continuously been recognized for both economic and environmental benefits? Legislative Hurdles and Controversy On the legislative front, HB 6 was enacted in 2019 and ended the energy efficiency resource standard that had…

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Changes to the Next Generation of Tubular Lighting

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Lighting Industry Update Series: Part 1 The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) recently announced an update to the solid-state qualified products list (QPL) with new changes set to benefit utility programs on the horizon. The update to version 5.1 (current version is 5.0) has officially been announced and is set to take effect next year. TLEDs under the new update will not be required to be in full compliance with the new standard until the end of 2021. This extended period will ensure manufacturers and utility programs have enough time to factor the change into their product designs and program frameworks. New Dimming Requirement Explained TLEDs are linear LED swap-in tube replacements for legacy fluorescent lighting fixtures. TLEDs are an…

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