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Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program, “Unexpected Love Story” Campaign - 2020 Inspiring Efficiency Marketing Award Winner

Marketing Award acceptance speech

During the 16th Annual Inspiring Efficiency Awards Dinner and Gala, the Inspiring Efficiency Marketing Award was presented to the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program’s “Unexpected Love Story” campaign. The Inspiring Efficiency Marketing Award is presented to the nominee that has engaged in or supported a successful marketing campaign or strategy to increase the adoption or market penetration of energy efficient products or altered public behaviors and practices in the Midwest. The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program developed the “Unexpected Love Story” campaign to take their customers on a relatable energy efficiency journey while promoting furnace rebates. The campaign is an innovative comic strip-type love story, highlighting the…

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Senator Megan Hunt, Nebraska State Legislature - 2020 Inspiring Efficiency Leadership Award Winner

Senator Megan Hunt accepts Leadership Award

During the 2020 Inspiring Efficiency Awards Dinner & Gala, the Inspiring Efficiency Leadership Award was presented to Senator Megan Hunt of the Nebraska State Legislature. The Inspiring Efficiency Leadership Award honors an organization or individual who has served as a strong leader in support of energy efficiency in their city, state, region, company or community. Senator Megan Hunt is an entrepreneur, activist and parent elected in 2018 to represent District 8 in the Nebraska Legislature. As a first term senator, she championed a vital update to the Nebraska state energy code. Through Senator Hunt’s efforts, this bill was skillfully shepherded through the legislative process, with no harmful amendments, gaining support and momentum…

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Focus on Energy Disaster Relief Offerings and ComEd’s Virtual Commissioning Program - 2020 Inspiring Efficiency Innovation Award Winners

accepting innovation award

Two pioneering programs were honored with the Inspiring Efficiency Innovation Award at the 2020 Inspiring Efficiency Awards Dinner & Gala. The Inspiring Efficiency Innovation Award is presented to the nominee that has developed and implemented a successful new and innovative program, campaign or strategy or has implemented a program in a new and innovative way. Focus on Energy Disaster Relief Offerings Focus on Energy formed the Flood Relief Offering for affected rural small businesses and residents after major flooding from extensive rainfall. Additionally, in response to collapsed structures and barn roofs from heavy snow buildup, the Farm Disaster Bonus was created. These disaster relief initiatives helped rural residents and…

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