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Utility System Impacts of Energy Efficiency: Taking Nothing for Granted

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In the 36 years since the California Standard Practice Manual (CaSPM) was first released, cost-effectiveness testing has spread across the country following the growth of utility customer-funded energy efficiency. The California tests have been adopted by utilities, consultants, regulatory commissions and legislators to determine whether an energy efficiency measure or program is worth pursuing and whether a completed program performed as expected. Fundamentally, a cost-effectiveness test measures the total benefits divided by the total costs, and passes if the ratio is greater than or equal to 1.0. Over the course of three and a half decades, cost-effectiveness testing for energy efficiency has become so ubiquitous that we have almost…

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Building Relationships with Midwestern Policymakers

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MEEA’s policy team has spent 2019 traveling throughout the Midwest to meet with state legislators, regulators and policymakers. MEEA serves as the region’s trusted source on energy efficiency and promotes how states can maximize energy savings pursuant to their specific policies. We share regional best practices and research with governors’ administrations, legislators and regulatory bodies as they develop energy plans, policy priorities or other state and local policy initiatives. The 2018 state election results presented ample opportunity for MEEA to act as a positive, nonpartisan voice for energy efficiency. With the support of the Joyce Foundation, we initiated important new relationships in the Great Lakes states and carried out…

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A Look Into IHP’s YouthBuild Partnership: Introducing Young, Bright Minds to the EE Industry

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With many contractors suffering from a lack of enthusiastic and skilled workers, introducing young people into the energy efficiency industry is crucial. This industry is known for skewing primarily older (and nearing retirement), male, and lacking diversity. Partnering with community organizations that offer training opportunities to under-privileged youth is a great way to bring fresh, new faces into the industry and to encourage a more diverse workforce. In August, MEEA’s Illinois Home Performance (IHP) program worked with Chicago Heights’ YouthBuild cohort to bring energy efficiency education to young adults in Chicago’s south suburbs. YouthBuild is a program that provides youth living in poverty with pathways to education, jobs and…

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