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MEEA Research: New Report Demonstrates EE's Immense Value to the Region

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Over the past 15 years, utility-run energy efficiency programming has produced significant energy savings, customer cost savings and a host of system-wide and societal benefits throughout the Midwest. Unfortunately, these benefits are not fully understood or recognized by many state legislators and other policymakers. As a result, MEEA and other energy efficiency industry experts must recurringly defend EE policies from those who misunderstand how efficiency is funded, its value and impact for utility customers and its widespread benefits within individual states and throughout the region. Over the last few years, there have been a number of Midwestern states passing policies that reduce and impede energy efficiency programs which then act…

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Creation of Stretch Code Becomes Law in Illinois

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On September 15 the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) was signed into law. The bill contains many energy efficiency components that will impact and improve the lives of citizens and workers in Illinois, including a provision to create a state stretch energy code. What is a Stretch Code? A stretch code defines a higher level of energy efficiency or sustainability for new construction than the applicable energy code. Depending on local laws, stretch codes may be developed on their own (typically by/for municipalities) or as part of the larger state energy code (either as a separate state stretch code or in an optional appendix). Once a stretch code is adopted by a jurisdiction, it becomes the mandatory energy code…

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Andy Johnson and the Winneshiek Energy District | Inspiring Efficiency Leadership Award

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The Inspiring Efficiency Leadership Award is presented to individuals or organizations who are strong leaders for energy efficiency in their city, state, region or community. 2021 brought many great applicants, but there were two that went above and beyond. Today we are highlighting Andy Johnson and the Winneshiek Energy District, one of the two 2021 Inspiring Efficiency Leadership Award Winners. Andy Johnson has been a leader in clean energy efforts for communities across the Midwest. From his hometown in Decorah, Iowa where he first planted the seeds of the Energy District movement and founded the Winneshiek Energy District, to cities across the Midwest, Johnson has been pushing for the clean energy movement for over a decade. His work…

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