Missouri Electric Commission

The Missouri Electric Commission is issuing a Request for Proposals for a Distributed Energy Management System (DERMS) platform to enable the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) across all customer classes for pilot demonstration in Summer 2025 with expanded adoption by Summer 2026. MEC is pursuing the deployment of scalable residential, commercial, and industrial Demand Response (DR) programs to achieve economies of scale in implementation and optimize value for members.

ComEd Energy Efficiency Program: Retro-Commissioning Offering

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is seeking qualified engineering firms to participate in our closed network of Service Providers for their Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Offering. Our Service Providers are tasked with bringing this valuable offering to eligible facilities over 50,000 sq.ft. in size and over 100 kW peak demand. Facility types include commercial office, healthcare, retail, hospitality, lodging and public buildings.

Request for Proposal: Iowa Residential Energy Code Consultant

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is accepting proposals for a Residential Energy Code Consultant (Circuit Rider) in Iowa that is familiar with the Iowa Residential Energy Code, has knowledge of the Iowa building industry and enforcement infrastructure and is experienced in code compliant construction techniques.

The Iowa Residential Circuit Rider is funded but not allocated as of this date; the start date of Circuit Rider will be determined after the release of federal funds.

Energy Burden Action Study RFP

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin is seeking services from a consultant with strong analytical, policy, and planning expertise to conduct an analysis of energy burden metrics and develop an actionable plan for short and long-term deployment of energy burden metrics for consideration in Commission programs and processes. 

This work will build on previous work already done by the Commission and others on the understanding of energy burden definitions, and the development of metrics relating to energy burden and customer affordability more generally.