The Advanced Heat Pump Coalition

The Advanced Heat Pump Coalition is a group of utility and energy efficiency interested parties that has agreed to share knowledge and align efforts to have biggest impact on HVAC industry efforts that help utilities accelerate market adoption of residential heat pumps for space conditioning.  The coalition is not a formalized organization. This is a "coalition of the willing" and as such, there are no dues or obligations. This is not a group for general public, nor a place where sales or product promotion is welcome.

We hold 2-general member webinars per year, and each workgroup meets bi-monthly or as needed. General members receive invites to semi-annual webinar, and workgroup members are asked to contribute resources (time and/or money) to identify gaps and fund the actions identified.  A steering committee consisting of representatives from NEEA, NEEP, MEEA, NRCan, the U.S. EPA, California Energy Commission, and NYSERDA provides periodic coordination of activities, webinars and meetings. Current membership includes ~200 general members from utilities, non-profits, cities, research organizations, manufacturers and others in the heat pump industry across the US and Canada (heat pump nerds). To join, contact Paul Raymer and provide him with your company/organization and a 1-2 sentence context of your heat pump related expertise.

Below are links to shared documents, webinar recordings, and other materials below. 


Upcoming Webinars

Advanced Heat Pump Coalition Spring 2023 Webinar

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST/ 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. PST

Hear six different perspectives on the use of air to water heat pumps for residential space conditioning. This session will cover a high level perspective on variety of topics from market and technology developments, refrigerants, contractor skills, incentive programs, new research.

Register here>>

Shared Documents




11/2022 Research Projects Update PDF
3/2022 Capacity Building and Developing New Talent Webinar PPT, recording
9/2021 General Member Webinar PPT, recording
2/2021 Workgroup Updates Webinar PPT, recording


EXP07 Lab Testing Initial Findings Report



AHP Coalition Working Group Updates

PDF, recording 


Design Best Practices Webinar

PDF, recording


EXP07 Initial Findings Webinar

PDF, recording


AHP Whitepaper key ideas



AHP Whitepaper



AHP Coalition Aug 29 2019 Webinar



AHP Coalition March 4 2019 Webinar



Advanced ASHP Workshop Summary Report



Each workgroup addresses an area of interest where collaborative research and manufacturer engagement would help advance heat pump product features, capabilities and create ways in which energy efficiency efforts could have greater leverage on market development of future heat pump technologies.

Working Group #1 Test Procedure and Ratings

Development, adoption, and program specification of load-based test procedures and ratings for advanced heat pumps.

Co-chairs:         Mvuala Suami – NRCan, Dave Lis – NEEP; Workgroup Member List 

Meetings:           Monthly, check calendar



Working Group #2 - Equipment Roadmap

Identifying and communicating shared utility program needs/priorities for advanced heat pump equipment functionalities.

Co-chairs:         Christopher Dymond – NEEA, Abigail Daken – US EPA; Workgroup Member List

Meetings:           Bi-monthly, check calendar



Working Group #3 - Design and Installation Best Practices - Completed

Identifying common best practices and gaps where best practices do not exist for heat pump design, installation, and relevant market incentives.

Workgroup 3 completed its initial scope of work to define what are the gaps in best practices. The Consortium for Energy Efficiency has taken on a special project to develop resources and continue collaboration on installation best practices. 



How to join

Membership requires nothing more than asking to be placed on the email distribution list. Members are asked to should show up with a science based, outcome driven perspective and not the pursuit of product or service sales or commercial activity. Our collaboration only works if we leave our respective self-interests at the door.

Contact Paul to join the HP Coalition.

The two different levels of participation

  1. ACTIVE - Those on workgroups who contribute expertise, resources and want to coordinate their research investments.
    • Join workgroups and contribute to co-funded projects as you see fit.
    • Attend periodic planning meetings to coordinate resources. These will be held coincident with other events (e.g. AHR Expo, NEEP ASHP workshop, ENERGY STAR Partners, etc.)
    • Present or help coordinate periodic webinars for general members
    • Contact Paul Raymer to be placed on a workgroup email list
  2. PASSIVE - Those with interest in learning more or staying abreast HP coalition actions.
    • Attend periodic webinars - these are intended to reveal early learnings and results of studies, field trials, market research or other topics of interest.
    • Help to identify or offer webinars on heat pump topics.


What are Collaborative Projects?

Collaborative projects are research projects that form based on collaborative action in the workgroups. These have a host or sponsor that serves as the principal investigator that pulls together collective funding and an advisory group that guides the work.