Marijuana growers gobble up electricity, but Michigan pot law doesn't address energy efficiency

Pot is a power-hungry crop.

Indoor marijuana grow facilities gobble up massive amounts of electricity, prompting a push from some environmental advocates for energy efficiency in the industry.

Michigan's marijuana laws do not directly address energy efficiency, but some utilities say they will work with growers to help them cut back on electricity.

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Should New Homes be More Energy Efficient? City Council to Decide at Next Meeting

Springfield developers, contractors and builders were at odds once again with environmental activists over proposed changes to the city's building code. 

The modifications would require builders to pay a little more and take a few extra steps to make sure homes are well-insulated and sealed — key components designed to make buildings energy efficient and save homeowners money on their utilities. 

Letters for November 10: Tell City Council to reject lobbyists and support modern building codes

It is a sad day for our city when City Council makes decisions based on "special interest lobbying" (HBA) and inaccurate figures to bring forward a "compromise bill" that weakens our building codes. HBA says it will add $5,000 to the cost of building, whereas Ian Blanding with the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance calculated the cost at $1,225.

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Ohio slips in efficiency ranking as lawmakers gut state standards

An energy efficiency advocacy group has further downgraded Ohio in its state rankings, thanks to a new law rolling back the state’s clean energy standards. Other experts are warning that ratepayers will soon feel the impacts more directly. Ohio was in 33rd place among states and the District of Columbia in the latest rankings released on Oct. 1 by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, or ACEEE...

Illinois marijuana growers will face energy efficiency and reporting rules

When Illinois’ new law legalizing recreational marijuana takes effect Jan. 1, growers will face some of the strongest energy efficiency and reporting requirements in the country. Marijuana can be an energy intensive crop. The new electricity load to power lighting, heating and ventilation for indoor grow facilities has strained the grid and even caused blackouts in other places after it was legalized.

Homebuyers Are Usually Kept In The Dark About Energy Costs. How Can We Fix That?

A home is the most expensive thing most of us will ever buy, so it’s important that buyers understand all the home’s features and the true costs of homeownership before taking the plunge. Certain home features are obvious and visible, such as an updated kitchen with granite countertops. Unfortunately, energy efficiency features (such as high-efficiency HVAC equipment or attic insulation installed to the current energy code) are often harder to recognize.

Ohio Delays Bill to Bail Out Nuclear and Coal Plants, Gut Renewable Spending

Ohio lawmakers have delayed a critical vote on a controversial energy bill that would charge the state’s utility customers hundreds of millions of dollars to subsidize two nuclear power plants that their owner, bankrupt utility FirstEnergy Solutions, has threatened to close without financial support...the House version of the bill would have entirely eliminated Ohio’s current 12.5-percent-by-2026 RPS and cut all the monthly surcharges paying for energy efficiency and demand-reduction programs, which have saved Ohio customers $5.1 billion from 2009 to 2017, according to t

Op-Ed: At the Statehouse, they’re playing us for energy fools

In case you missed it — and [Ohio] state lawmakers hope like crazy you have — legislation laughably referred to as a “clean energy” bill, is well on its way to becoming law at a high cost to you and me...Proponents framed their utility bailout as a way to save customers money and keep power plant jobs — as opposed to thousands of manufacturing plant jobs that disappear in the state without similar subsidized intervention.