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Before Cranking Up the AC, Think of the Energy Burden

Cooling your home is necessary, but groups such as the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance say there are actions you can take to protect others and the environment. The Alliance's Programs Director, Molly Graham, said a lot of it comes down to timing.

"So, maybe around 3 p.m. to 8 or 9, when most people are at home or getting home from work - we're washing dishes, doing laundry, watching TV," said Graham. "So, there are times during the day that put greater stress on the electric grid than other times."

DTE’s Energy Efficiency Assistance Program 2021 Award

Program is honored by Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance with 2021 Inspiring Efficiency Award for Helping Income-Qualified Customers

DTE invested over $23 million across 2019 and 2020 in program incentives to support single family, income-qualified customers with the help of community action agencies and nonprofit organizations across Michigan. The EEA program served approximately 4,700 limited income customers in 2019 and another 5,000 in 2020. The program achieved over 50,000 MCF net gas savings and 75,000 MWH in net electric savings in 2020 alone. 

DTE’s Energy Efficiency Assistance Program Helps 5,000 Customers in Need in 2020, Reducing Bills While Saving Energy

DTE Energy helped approximately 5,000 vulnerable customers lower their energy bills in 2020 while significantly reducing natural gas and electricity usage. Now the program that delivered these results, DTE’s Energy Efficiency Assistance (EEA), has earned an award from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) recognizing its efforts to keep energy affordable for thousands of the company’s most in-need customers.

Decorah's Andy Johnson recognized by a Midwest energy alliance

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance on Tuesday, March 23rd, presented one of its 17th annual Inspiring Efficiency Awards to Winneshiek Energy District Executive Director Andy Johnson.

Johnson and the Winneshiek Energy District received a Leadership Award for being "a tireless advocate of efforts to make energy conservation a part of life in Winneshiek County and adjacent communities for more than 10 years."

Amid efforts to reduce carbon emissions, Tony Evers' administration eyes Wisconsin building codes

In the story of climate change, smokestacks and tailpipes are the stock villains, spewing carbon dioxide into the air.

Often overlooked are homes, offices and other buildings — which require electricity and natural gas to heat, cool and light — that account for nearly a third of all energy consumption and an even larger share of heat-trapping gases.

Energy Efficiency: The Pathway to Economic Recovery in the U.S. Midwest

Throughout the last decade, energy efficiency has been the quiet workhorse in the United States’ Midwestern region: Saving consumers and businesses money, reducing emissions, and positively impacting communities – urban, suburban and rural – across the region.

... Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has been devasting to our industry. Through May 2020, 131,660 Midwest clean energy workers have filed for unemployment; 91,992 of those were energy efficiency workers. So how can energy efficiency be the pathway to economic recovery?

Despite grim outlook, advanced energy could help lead economic recovery, experts say

Advanced energy — including energy efficiency and renewable power  — provide far more jobs than hotels and motels or the retail industry, according to a recent analysis by the business group Advanced Energy Economy. 

Yet while there’s been much focus on the pandemic’s effect on those industries, AEE says, not enough attention has been paid to what the government could do to protect and bolster advanced energy jobs. 

Commentary: Indoor farming needs to go green. Cannabis can help it get there

Indoor agriculture is moving from niche market to the agricultural mainstream, with the global market being valued at $26.8 billion in 2018. As the effects from climate change make it harder to grow profitable crops outdoors while meeting the food demand of a growing population, indoor agriculture offers many benefits in terms of food and economic security.