What’s in it for you? Illinois’ sweeping new clean energy law includes a $4,000 rebate on an electric car, up to 10% off on your electric bill and up to $9,000 back on a solar roof.

Illinois’ massive new clean energy bill, signed into law last this month, is a landmark in the state’s battle against climate change: a systematic plan for boosting solar and wind power, getting a million electric cars on the road and phasing out coal and natural gas by 2050.

It’s also an opportunity for consumers to save some cash, analysts say.

...The new energy law provides support for home energy efficiency projects, such as sealing windows or adding insulation.

There’s funding for existing programs, such as free and low-cost home energy assessments by electricity providers, as well as new money to help low-income families make their homes more energy efficient, according to Nick Dreher, policy director of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

“The cheapest kilowatt (of energy) is the one you don’t use,” Dreher said.

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