MEEA Webinars

Dynamic Pricing in the Midwest

2020-03-27T13:00:00 - 2020-03-27T14:00:00

Join MEEA's Policy team for a webinar to learn about dynamic rate design, including time of use rates. This webinar will provide an introduction to dynamic pricing, a regional and national look at different practices, a consumer advocate perspective and a walk-through of some programs and pilots in the Midwest.

MEEA’s Q1 Programs Webinar- Strategic Energy Management and Program Evaluation

2020-03-25T11:00:00 - 2020-03-25T12:00:00

The MEEA Programs Webinar Steering Committee would like to announce our first webinar of the year! Join us this March for a showcase of Strategic Energy Management Programs. In this webinar, we will feature utility SEM programs with a focus on those programs which incorporate the cohort model. We will also explore the evaluation results of this program type and offer customer perspectives speaking to the success of these programs.

2020 Midwest Spotlight

2020 MEEA Spotlight title slide

2020-02-07T13:00:00 - 2020-02-07T14:00:00

Join MEEA as we dive into our annual Midwest Spotlight. MEEA staff have compiled and updated metrics, stories and accolades in areas like EE jobs, municipal and cooperative utility savings and energy code advancements.
We’ll be going deeper into each area and sharing additional information behind the infographics. Plus, PACE administrators will talk about our newest addition to the Spotlight: successful financing across the Midwest in 2019.

Innovation in HVAC: How to Ensure Top Equipment Performance

HVAC systems

2019-11-12T14:00:00 - 2019-11-12T15:00:00

Ensuring HVAC equipment is installed properly and is performing optimally prevents unexpected failures and lowers overall energy consumption. Join the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance for a webinar focused on tools, resources and technologies to ensure HVAC Quality Installation and performance.

Presenters from MEEA and Emerson will share the innovative contractor solutions, including remote fault detection technology, that can be leveraged by contractors and utility program administrators.

HireABLE: How Businesses Benefit from Hiring Adults with Disabilities

Business Handshake

2019-11-06T13:00:00 - 2019-11-06T14:00:00

The labor shortage affects every industry, especially the trades. In 2019 Green Home Experts partnered with Helping Hand Center to hire adults with cognitive and physical disabilities. Learn how hiring employees with disabilities can solve this problem and bring you the most dedicated, hardworking employees in your company. 

Maria Onesto Moran
Green Home Experts

Driving Electric Utility Infrastructure Efficiency in Minnesota

powerline in front of a cloudy blue sky

2019-09-10T12:00:00 - 2019-09-10T13:00:00

This webinar will present results from three recent projects to:

  • Quantify the potential for Electric Utility Infrastructure (EUI) efficiency improvement in Minnesota
  • Clarify the surrounding policies
  • Develop a stakeholder Action Plan to capture EUI efficiency opportunities using conservation tools that have succeeded in driving demand-side efficiency.

GDS Associates will summarize their findings and share how this might be applicable to other states in the Midwest.