Ohio slips in efficiency ranking as lawmakers gut state standards

An energy efficiency advocacy group has further downgraded Ohio in its state rankings, thanks to a new law rolling back the state’s clean energy standards. Other experts are warning that ratepayers will soon feel the impacts more directly. Ohio was in 33rd place among states and the District of Columbia in the latest rankings released on Oct. 1 by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, or ACEEE...

“Prior to HB 6, Ohio was by statute ramping up to 2% from 1% energy savings from energy efficiency programs,” said Nick Hromalik, policy manager for the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. “Unfortunately, under the new law, there is no certainty that there will be any energy efficiency programs after 2020. Which means that any investment that would have created energy savings for customers, and the related clean energy jobs, will be lost.

“Indiana and Michigan have seen their energy efficiency investment increase 25% and 41% respectively over the last five years,” he added. “Customers, small businesses and larger commercial and industrial companies will have the advantage of stable clean energy programs in neighboring states, while Ohio’s investment likely will not continue once HB 6 goes into effect.”

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