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Since 2007 Power TakeOff has led the creation of non-residential utility data products, services, and efficiency programs made possible by ongoing grid modernization. The company specializes in using advanced analytics and software to simplify vast amounts of data produced by utilities and buildings into personalized, custom energy efficiency recommendations, and embedded M&V 2.0 / NMEC statistical saving results. Utility leaders across the U.S. and Canada rely on Power TakeOff to transform complex non-residential engagement challenges into solutions that deliver exceptional customer experiences and results, while increasing utility revenue and reducing GHG emissions.

Recipient of the 2020 MEEA Innovation Award, Power TakeOff’s Virtual Commissioning (VCx™) is a new non-residential pay-for-performance program model pioneered by Power TakeOff. This innovative energy efficiency program provides utilities with a mass-market small to medium business (SMB) solution by capitalizing on AMR/AMI investment through remote analytics and virtual engagement. Power TakeOff's Energy Advisors communicate specific low and no-cost operational based measures, along with recommended adjustments, that will correct the problem and yield 11 to 17% savings.  

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