Managing energy and sustainability data can be a challenge for most organizations: What do we need to track? Where do we find it? What do we do with it? And how can we improve? JadeTrack provides the tools you need to track and manage your energy and sustainability data in one easy-to-use platform.

Commercial enterprises, schools, governments, smart cities and utilities all use JadeTrack to track and manage their sustainability efforts.

Whether you’re looking at one building or across the enterprise, JadeTrack’s cloud-based platform allows you to streamline your utility data collection process to seamlessly track energy, water, waste, emissions and other sustainability metrics.

Access to timely, quality data allows our partners to make informed decisions to successfully manage utility usage and expenses.

Our technologies are supported by outstanding program managers who deliver best-in-class customer experiences. Helping organizations lead their industry in sustainable practices with JadeTrack.

JadeTrack was founded in 2011.  Our headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio with an office in Kansas City, Missouri.

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