East Kentucky Power Cooperative


EKPC is a not-for-profit electric utility with headquarters in Winchester, Ky. EKPC generates and transmits wholesale energy to 16 owner-member cooperatives. The owner-member cooperatives distribute that energy to more than 1 million Kentucky citizens across 87 counties. Together, EKPC and the owner-member cooperatives are known as Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.

EKPC provides power to the owner-member cooperatives through generating plants operating around-the-clock, units used only on the hottest and coldest days, hydro electric dams, renewable energy plants and thousands of miles of transmission lines. EKPC generates more green power than any other utility in Kentucky.

Each of the 16 not-for-profit owner-member cooperatives that EKPC serves is owned and governed by the people who use their energy and services.

Member since 2012