NetZeroBuild Summit Webinar Series 2021



Becoming a Successful Net-Zero Building Owner in the Midwest: Challenges, Innovations and Opportunities

Join us on this webinar to hear and learn about use-cases of organizations who went to net-zero, or integrated solutions that will eventually lead to net-zero. You will get a better understanding of the particular challenges and hurdles they will face and how you can overcome these.

Topics to address:

  • How can optimized design and enhanced building envelopes make a new or retrofitted building net-zero?
  • Outlining innovations that help achieve net-zero: from photovoltaics to smart buildings
  • Managing operational and embodied carbon
  • The importance of renewables
  • Maintaining a net-zero building: success stories of building operations


Moderator: Jim Edelson - Director of Policy, New Buildings Institute

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Tony Hans - Vice President, CMTA
  • Lisa White - Associate Director, Passive House Institute US
  • Tim Wilson - Facility Operations Manager, Gundersen Health

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