Midwest ASHP Collaborative: Equitable Workforce Development

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Equitably developing a skilled workforce to install, maintain, and service air-source heat pumps (ASHPs) is crucial for the successful proliferation of this technology while expanding economic opportunities to underrepresented groups, frontline communities, and historically marginalized populations. ASHPs require a specific set of skills and knowledge that are not typically taught in traditional HVAC training programs. Empowering individuals to enter the HVAC field and develop careers that serve the growing demand for qualified ASHP installers requires the development of nontraditional training opportunities and partnerships. A skilled workforce will ensure that ASHP systems are installed correctly and perform at their maximum efficiency, reducing the risk of failures and downtime. Equitable workforce development will increase customer satisfaction and confidence in ASHP technology, leading to increased adoption and economic growth, as well as setting up the next generation of HVAC professionals in the Midwest for a flourishing career. Join the Midwest ASHP Collaborative on July 20th to learn the key strategies of equitable workforce development identified by the Collaborative’s needs assessment based in Chicago and the Twin Cities. This presentation will provide a better understanding of the challenges presented by status quo HVAC education, share insights on skill and career development from the universe of workforce actors, and identify effective partnerships and strategies for equitable workforce development in communities across the Midwest.


  • Abby Corso, Elevate, Moderator
  • Sarah Northrup, CEE
  • Zak Paine, Slipstream
  • Mila Turner, Slipstream

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