EECBG Program: Technical Assistance Webinar

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Hear from DOE about the range of technical assistance available from DOE to manage EECBG Program awards and enhance their impacts.

About: The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG) Team at the Department of Energy has launched a webinar series to provide more information about the grant application process, vouchers option, and the DOE technical assistance available to support eligible entities. Webinars are open to the public and will be recorded and placed on the EECBG Program website. For more information about the EECBG Program (and to check out previous informational webinars), check out their website and application hub.

The EECBG Program is a formula grant program which is designed to be flexible and to meet local needs. Over 2700+ states, local governments, and tribes are eligible for the funds, which will support strategies to increase energy efficiency, cut emissions, and reduce energy use in communities that will serve more than 250 million Americans. There are 15 different eligible use areas, ranging from developing energy efficiency and conservation strategies, to deploying electric vehicle infrastructure, to installing renewable energy technologies. To determine if your organization is eligible for funds, see here for local governmentstribes, and states and territories.

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