IHP Wins ENERGYSTAR Partner of the Year

Basketball court background with "IHP all stars" written at center court

Author’s note: this article is best enjoyed with musical accompaniment.

March Madness is over, and Villanova isn’t the only one taking home a trophy. We’re proud to announce that Illinois Home Performance won the 2018 ENERGYSTAR® Partner of the Year Award! With the help of an all-star starting lineup, IHP delivered a victory for homeowners and energy efficiency.

Highlight Reel

IHP previously won back-to-back Partner of the Year Awards in 2014 and 2015, followed up with an ENERGYSTAR Excellence in Promotion Award in 2017. How’s that for a dynasty?

In 2017, IHP instructed 150+ real estate agents and appraisers on EE fundamentals and selling efficient homes, and we certified efficiency upgrades in 900+ homes across the state.  

IHP’s Starting Lineup

Here at MEEA, we have a saying: “Teamwork makes the dream work.” And none of this would be possible without our awesome team here at MEEA:

  • MEEA Executive Director Stacey Paradis is the general manager: seasoned, determined and providing vision.
  • Then there’s Program Director Will Baker, he’s the coach: willing to talk to the referees and giving the team a game plan.
  • Running point, we have Kara Jonas. She sees the court at all times, calls the plays and is always cool under pressure.
  • Darlene Jackson is the “straight off the dribble” shooting guard, offering stunning assists and getting the day-to-day done.
  • Our most versatile player is Todd Abercrombie, a capable teacher who can install an R-49 batt perfectly.
  • At the power forward we have our guy Richard Reilly: He teaches, co-manages social media and has a long list of qualifications behind his name—what can’t this guy do?
  • Last, but most certainly not least, we have Brian Kumer. He holds down the post with our Building Science hotline and can set up a blower door in record time… I’ve seen it with my own four eyes!

And we can’t forget about the die-hard fans. Winning the Partner of the Year is truly humbling and motivating, so I hope we can put this 3peat on repeat, and we’ll be back next year with more award-winning training, outreach and energy efficiency promotion.

Until next year, GO IHP!