Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Chicago Snow Winter

Here in Chicago where MEEA is based, the winter months get so cold the air hurts my face. During my walk to work a few days ago, I’m pretty sure I was close to becoming an actual Popsicle. The long nights and lack of sunshine only exacerbate the pain.

When the weather outside is colder than the surface of Mars (seriously), there is no better feeling than coming inside to a warm, cozy home. While we battle the harsh Midwest winter, let’s be sure to keep our homes nice and toasty the responsible way. There’s no reason to waste energy and money by trying to overcompensate for sub-par insulation and drafty windows. Try a home energy audit!

A home energy audit and simple home improvements can cut down your energy use, lower utility bills and keep your home comfy and warm. Here in the Land of Lincoln, Illinois Home Performance can help.

Once you select a participating contractor to install your upgrades, not only will you enjoy the benefits of an energy-efficient home, you’ll also receive a certificate that can increase the resale value of your house! Save money on your energy bill now and sell your home for more money later – that’s the power of an energy audit.

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Stay warm out there!