Advocacy Toolkit

Two things to know about energy efficiency: it is the most affordable energy resource for the Midwest and it requires a sustained investment to generate economic, environmental and health benefits. MEEA’s Advocacy Toolkit brings together a number of resources to convey the benefits of energy efficiency to policymakers and stakeholders.

Midwest Energy Efficiency Spotlight

Midwest Energy Efficiency Spotlight is an annual publication that showcases the positive impacts that energy efficiency policies and programs have had on the region’s residents and businesses. The Spotlight highlights 13 metrics, including electricity and natural gas savings, energy savings from building energy codes, EE jobs and manufacturers of energy efficient products in our region.

Policy Insider Newsletter

Energy Efficiency Fact Sheets

Advocacy Resources

The Economic Impacts of Energy Efficiency Investments in the Midwest
An overview of the economic benefits of investing in energy efficiency in IndianaMichigan and Ohio. Prepared by Cadmus, these reports details job creation, electricity savings, economic growth and more. 

Sample Letter to the Editor
During contested policy debates, the public is bombarded with significant amounts of information and misinformation. Letters to the editor are a way to both draw attention to your issue, control the messaging and ensure that the right information is being disseminated to the public. It is important to stress messages that resonate with the public such as the cost and savings of programs and job creation and economic development benefits. 

This presentation reviews the status and trends in energy efficiency in the Midwest as of May 2017.

While energy efficiency policies bring economic, environmental and grid security benefits to the states, that is often not the message that policymakers hear. This document provides advocates with rebuttals to the most common misconceptions concerning energy efficiency. 

This document provides a comprehensive overview of energy efficiency policies and programs employed throughout the Midwest. It allows the reader to compare states across the Midwest and learn about best practices from state and utility energy efficiency leaders.