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Excuse Me, Where are the Smart Devices Located?


One August afternoon, a few MEEAites embarked on a recon mission to gather data on smart devices in two major retailers of home appliances. Sadly, the budget didn’t approve our request for black turtlenecks and spy gear, so we had to make do with business casual. Our goal was to get a general idea of what type of technology comes with today’s appliances that are commonly available to the public. As MEEA sets out to not only understand, but also influence on the world of intelligent efficiency, we have recently found ourselves arriving at the same question that starts at the consumer: What do customers experience today when buying new home appliances? Not content to be armchair EE professionals, we walked into the first store, and my…

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MEEA’s Guide to Stakeholder Collaboration


As a membership organization that includes utilities, businesses, advocates and government agencies, MEEA knows the power of collaboration. Time and again, we’ve seen first-hand that when diverse groups sit down at the table together, we’re able to harness our collective expertise and experience to find solutions that work for everyone. And we’re not the only ones who think collaboration is a powerful tool. Several states in the Midwest currently convene collaborative groups to promote energy efficiency. Download the Guide This week, we released our new guide to energy efficiency collaboratives in the Midwest. This handy resource explores various collaborative models and includes a deep dive into four particularly effective statewide EE…

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BOC Success Story: Ted Brokaw, City of International Falls

International Falls Welcome Sign

Ted Brokaw, now the Street/Water Commissioner for the City of International Falls, MN attended BOC in 2014 while he was working as the Head of Building and Grounds for the city. Between 2001 and 2011, his fleet of buildings grew from three to 12, and he sought out training through Minnesota Power that would help him learn his buildings in and out. Ted has learned firsthand that understanding every aspect of a building is essential. Ted's Background in Building Operations Ted attended Hibbing Technical College for Building and Grounds Maintenance, where he learned the basics of heating and air conditioning. He then worked for a local HVAC contractor before starting a position with the City of International Falls as a Meter Reader in 1996…

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