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A Tale of Two Governors

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Democratic Governor Dayton of Minnesota and Republican Governor Snyder of Michigan hail from opposite sides of the aisle; yet, in a time of political polarization, these two governors found a common cause: energy efficiency. Not only have they used their positions to advance energy efficiency, but they did do in states with Republican supermajorities in both state legislative chambers. As governors they reduced energy waste and shaped their states’ energy policies, creating new jobs and setting their constituents up for promising clean energy futures.   Energy Efficiency’s Bipartisan Appeal Most Republican and Democratic leaders agree that energy efficiency is the lowest-cost resource that can be used to meet our nation’s energy…

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With BOC, Kentucky is on the Fast Track to Commercial Energy Savings

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2018 marked the first time that a Building Operator Certification (BOC) series was held in the Bluegrass State. Kentucky’s Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC) provided funding that subsidized the cost of tuition for students in 2018 while helping MEEA get the training off the ground and established in the state. If you’re unfamiliar, the BOC program achieves measurable energy savings by training individuals directly responsible for day-to-day commercial building operations. BOC is a competency-based training and certification program that provides energy-saving operational strategies for maintenance and operations staff and technicians. BOC graduates use the tools learned in training to help their facilities save energy, reduce costs and…

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Home Energy Rating Variability Study

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Home energy ratings are experiencing a growing role in energy code compliance. HERS Raters, in particular, often provide third-party verification services for minimum and above-code programs, including traditional compliance pathways contained in the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), and more recently the Energy Rating Index (ERI) pathway. In recognition of this trend, the U.S. Department of Energy commissioned a study exploring the consistency and replicability of the HERS system, and in anticipation of HERS Raters assuming a greater role in energy code compliance. Study Highlights: Data was collected by the Regional Energy Efficiency Organizations (REEO) under direction of the U.S. Department of Energy The Study…

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