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Want Buildings that Stand Up to Extreme Weather? Stronger Energy Codes Can Help

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According to the Weather Channel, the Plains and Midwest states have had the most extreme and record-breaking weather of any region in 2019. From the polar vortex gripping the Midwest and setting at least 340 cold weather records in late January, to the deluge of snow in February, capped off by devastating flooding in March and two snowstorms in April, Midwesterners and the Midwest have had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them! Not only was everyday life disrupted, but for some Midwesterners, these weather events caused severe damage or the complete loss of homes and businesses. Events like these are tremendously costly and life altering, but there are state and local policies that can improve long term building resilience,…

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Sowing the Seeds of Change: the National Standard Practice Manual in the Midwest

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E4TheFuture interviewed various regional energy efficiency organizations (REEOs) about their reflections on the National Standard Practice Manual (NSPM). MEEA's Greg Ehrendreich spoke with E4TheFuture about the NSPM's uptake in the Midwest, and their conversation is excerpted below. To see responses from the other REEOs, read their full blog.     Two years ago, the National Standard Practice Manual debuted and began to bloom. With spring upon us once again, we asked several of the regional energy efficiency organizations for their key insights thus far on interest, use, and application of the NSPM in their respective regions. Representatives from three REEOs share their perspectives below and…

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Nebraska Just Passed the Midwest's Leading Energy Code

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Nebraska’s buildings are about to get a lot more efficient. Seriously, a lot more efficient. On Wednesday, May 8, Governor Ricketts signed LB405 into law. The bill, introduced by freshman Senator Megan Hunt, updates Nebraska’s statewide residential and commercial energy code to the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) without amendments, making Nebraska the leader in efficient building codes in the Midwest, and neck-and-neck with national leaders like Massachusetts and California. Note: Ohio and St. Louis both have amended versions of the 2018 IECC, as opposed to Nebraska's unamended codeNote: St. Louis has an amended version of the 2018 IECCThe Backstory Nebraska had not updated their energy code since 2012, when the state…

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