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BOC Spotlight: Indoor Air Quality Expert Sharon Bessa

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As the effort to improve building efficiency continues, the effects these changes have on indoor air quality can easily be forgotten. Tighter buildings mean less energy wasted on space heating but can also result in decreased fresh airflow throughout the building, a necessary component to keeping the indoor environment safe. Research has shown that energy efficiency can improve community health, but what issues should building occupants be aware of when it comes to their homes and workplaces? We sat down with indoor air quality expert and longtime Building Operator Certification (BOC) instructor Sharon Bessa to talk about the intersection of health and efficiency. Sharon is a registered nurse and certified industrial hygienist with over…

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New Series: Energy Efficiency Tipping Points

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To most outsiders, the world of energy efficiency probably appears static with slow, incremental changes. A furnace rebate here, light bulb swap-out there, maybe an updated building energy code every few years. But it should come as no surprise to industry insiders that this isn’t the case at all. An explosion of new technology across every part of our economy is rapidly changing our energy savings goals and the ways we identify and capture those savings. Together, these changes build to "tipping points" - the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change. In this new blog series, we'll examine increasingly important trends that shape how we approach energy…

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That’s a Wrap: 8th Annual Midwest Building Energy Codes Conference

attendees at the 2017 Midwest Building Energy Codes Conference

Building efficiency experts from around the Midwest convened in Ann Arbor, MI on November 15-16 for the 8th Annual Midwest Building Energy Codes Conference. This was the first time this conference was hosted in Michigan, which helped MEEA and attendees understand the unique challenges to the Michigan building community and provided critical local perspectives to better inform future building energy code policy. In past years, MEEA had the opportunity to host this conference and learn from local groups in Ohio, Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. According to attendees, one of the best aspects about this conference is the opportunity to engage with and learn from a diverse mix of professionals in the building efficiency…

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