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Anti-EE Bill Advances in Iowa Legislature

Interior of the Iowa state legislature - desks and dark wood with a gilded ceiling

Last week the Iowa House Commerce Committee passed Senate File 2311, a bill that will significantly alter the way utilities drive customer energy savings programs in Iowa. The bill has already passed the Senate and is now eligible to go to a debate on the House floor. What Would the Bill Do? In its current form, the bill would make a variety of changes to the state’s energy efficiency policies, including a cap on energy efficiency that would not allow utilities to charge more than 2% of a customer’s bill to pay for both energy efficiency and demand response programs, as well as a switch from the Societal Cost Test to a Total Resource Cost Test. A separate bill, SSB 3078, is currently in the Senate Ways and Means Committee. This bill…

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Tips for an Outstanding 2018 MES Conference

3 attendees chatting during the 2017 MES conference

Last year, I entered the Hilton Chicago to embark on my very first Midwest Energy Solutions Conference. Being new to the MEEA staff, I gleaned a lot of good advice from colleagues, but there was nothing like experiencing the conference full-on for the first time. Whether you’re an MES veteran or a first-timer, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your conference experience: Business Cards: MES is one of the industry’s best networking events, so bring plenty of business cards. Whether you are an entry level staff member or a CEO, there is always going to be an exchanging of cards and information. You don’t want to be the person writing information down on a cocktail napkin because you weren’t prepared. So, grab a handful and…

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Policy Summit Preview: Good EE Policy for Economic Growth

wisconsin state capitol

Energy efficiency investments and their resulting energy savings drive financial benefits throughout the Midwest region. To spread these benefits, on February 7, 2018, MEEA will host the "Good EE Policy for Economic Growth Summit" in Chicago. This free summit, sponsored by E4theFuture and preceding the 2018 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference, will focus on the ways energy efficiency advocates develop sound policy to drive regional economic and job growth. Attendees will hear from a diverse set of advocacy and policymaker perspectives on the value of contractor and business-led advocacy, the economic impact of energy efficiency and how we leverage our collective efforts to inform and shape future EE policy in the Midwest. You can still…

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