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3 Big Questions about Energy Use in Legal Cannabis Cultivation

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Recreational cannabis hits the shelves January 1, 2020 in both Illinois and Michigan. How will the race to market impact energy use? Growing cannabis is an energy-intensive process, and as cultivators focus on getting product ready as quickly as possible, it will be easy for energy efficiency to get pushed to the backburner and energy consumption to rise. Consider early adopters like Colorado and Oregon: In Denver, cannabis facilities are consuming 4% of the city’s electricity, while Oregon has experienced localized blackouts due to the added strain on the electric grid from indoor cannabis facilities. The Midwest can learn from these early adopters to ensure energy efficiency targets and grid reliability initiatives are not compromised…

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6 Things You Need to Know About Ohio’s Energy Efficiency Rollback

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After an extensive four-month debate, on July 23, 2019, the Ohio General Assembly passed H.B. 6, a nuclear subsidy bill which will essentially eliminate energy efficiency programs in the state. Governor DeWine signed the bill into law the same day. This legislation is the latest in a six-year fight over the fate of clean energy in Ohio. H.B. 6 makes significant changes to both the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) that will have lasting impacts on the energy sector and Ohio’s economy. Below, we answer 6 of the most common questions about H.B. 6 and look at Ohio’s uncertain clean energy future. What is H.B. 6? H.B. 6 authorizes a monthly surcharge on all customer electric bills to…

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BOC Instructor Spotlight: Doug LaFever is determined to cut greenhouse gas emissions

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Here at MEEA, we think our Building Operator Certification instructors are everyday rock stars. They are at the frontlines, teaching building operators how to cut costs and energy usage in their facilities. Our amazing pool of facility and energy managers are why BOC has the reach and impact it does in the Midwest. We sat down with one BOC instructor who has gone above and beyond this year. Doug Lafever has been an instructor since 2014 and continually impresses us. This year alone, he has instructed eight classes in four states: Indiana, Kansas, Michigan and Nebraska. Doug LaFeverDoug is the President of UE Consulting and has been pursuing excellence in application engineering since 1992. A Purdue graduate, he worked in automotive…

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