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The following slides can be inserted into your slide decks to enhance your energy efficiency advocacy efforts. They will be updated periodically to include up-to-date data and information.

These slides show the growth in energy efficiency funding in the Midwest along with the policy activities that have affected the funding level.
These slides provide an overview of the timeline of energy efficiency policy activity and the current status of state energy efficiency policies in the Midwest.
These slides show the growth of region-wide energy efficiency savings since 2000.
Use these slides to make the case for energy efficiency as the lowest-cost energy resource.
These slides show the current adoption status of residential and commercial building energy codes in the Midwest and the history of code adoption in the region.
These slides introduce the viewer to the policies and practices of building benchmarking and disclosure.
These slides introduce the viewer to building energy codes, and the processes for adoption and enforcement of codes.

MEEA grants you permission to use any or all of these slides in your own energy efficiency advocacy presentations. Please attribute the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) as the source for the materials if you use them.  If you want to modify the slides, use them for other purposes, or wish to obtain copies of the graphics in other formats, please contact Gregory Ehrendreich, gehrendreich@mwalliance.org.