Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Announces 2024 Inspiring Efficiency Award Winners

Chicago (January 8, 2024) – The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) today announced winners of the 20th annual Inspiring Efficiency Awards, honoring individuals and programs who delivered groundbreaking advancements in energy efficiency in seven categories: Leadership, Champion, Education, Impact, Innovation, Marketing

MEEA Announces Paige Knutsen as Executive Director

Chicago, IL: The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) announced that Paige Knutsen will be joining MEEA as Executive Director, effective mid-September.

Paige will be joining MEEA from Franklin Energy, where she most recently was Central Region Vice President. Paige also served on MEEA’s Board of Directors. Paige will be bringing her experience in energy efficiency program delivery and organizational excellence to MEEA.

Additionally, Paige’s experiences that will benefit MEEA moving forward include:

Environmental Groups Want Construction Codes To Lower Emissions, As Well As Utility Bills

Environmentalists advertise that the average Michigan household could save $327 annually on utility bills if the state accepts the latest set of construction energy guidelines, which focus heavily on dropping greenhouse gas emissions. 

The last time Michigan's Bureau of Construction Codes modified the state's go-to standards for residential and commercial construction energy codes was in 2015. 

Realtors can be ambassadors for energy efficiency: The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is training them to talk about home energy performance

A growing number of buyers are looking for energy-efficient homes that will be cheaper to heat and cool. But realtors are often unprepared to answer questions about a home’s energy performance.

“Some surveys that were done identified that real estate professionals were saying they were being asked … but that they often didn’t feel comfortable answering those questions or weren’t familiar with that,” says Kathryn Eggers of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.