Oracle Utilities

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Oracle, headquartered in Redwood City, California, is an enterprise software and IT company. Oracle Utilities, founded in 1979, offers comprehensive software solutions for electric, natural gas, and water utilities including customer service and engagement, demand-side management, metering, operations and asset management, grid and network management, and data analytics. In 2016, Oracle acquired Opower – the largest provider of utility customer engagement and energy efficiency cloud services – to enhance the company’s customer engagement solutions.

Oracle has continued to expand on Opower's solutions under two main product categories – demand-side management (DSM) and customer care – as part of a broader vision to offer an end-to-end enterprise platform that upgrades every customer touch point. Its DSM suite includes behavioral energy efficiency and demand response tools, along with energy alerts and a flexible web solution that can be embedded into a utility’s website – all of which are built on energy data analytics and a recently-enhanced personalization and content-targeting engine to provide users with insights on how to manage energy use, providing information and supporting engagement. To date, the Opower DSM solutions have resulted in over seventeen terawatt-hours of cost-effective energy savings and enabled over $2 billion in customer bill savings.

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