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The Mountain Association invests in people and places in Eastern Kentucky to advance a just transition to a new economy that is more diverse, sustainable, equitable and resilient.

Our Lending team offers loans to existing and startup businesses and organizations. Because we are a Community Development Financial Institution and a non-profit, we can offer greater flexibility and lend to folks who may not otherwise qualify. Unlike most traditional lenders, we offer flexible payment schedules and a variety of services. Our Business Support program connects business owners and nonprofit leaders to consultants who can help them succeed – from website development to professional photography, and more. Our Energy experts help businesses, nonprofits, public agencies and homeowners find much-needed energy savings. We do this through utility bill analysis, on-site energy efficiency and solar assessments, financing, and grant application support. We also engage in research, communications and advocacy for policy and narrative change, and work with partners on a variety of projects to demonstrate what’s possible in Eastern Kentucky.

Member since 2016