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The Energy Education Council (EEC), formerly the Illinois Electric Council, is a registered 501 (c) 3 educational organization that enhances lives by promoting safe and efficient use of electricity. Headquartered within the University of Illinois Extension and guided by member organizations, it is comprised of investor-owned utilities, rural electric cooperatives, municipal electric utilities, University educators, and others committed to its mission. Energy Ed's work and growing membership have extended its impact throughout the nation. The dynamic Web site features extensive informational resources, efficiency calculators,  interactive games and activities and the Energy Efficiency Resource Center, an online library of informational,  financial and technical resources available to help residential and business consumers undertake efficiency upgrades and projects. Energy Ed's award-winning Safe Electricity awareness program impacts millions of consumers through its growing partnership with more than 300 utilities. Radio,  TV and print PSAs, video documentaries,  timely news releases and the comprehensive Web site help keep electrical safety in the public eye. In addition to multi-media communication outreach endeavors, EEC conducts regular workshops for utilities and businesses regarding resources for efficiency and renewable energy projects, power quality technologies and policy developments that impact the industr

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