Real Estate Trainings

It is crucial for real estate professionals to be knowledgeable about energy efficiency and the process of valuing common energy upgrade measures when a home is bought or sold. MEEA is currently working with Ameren Missouri, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Appraisal Institute to offer existing energy efficiency related courses at a discounted rate to realtor and appraiser associations across Missouri. Both NAR's Green Designation course and the Appraisal Institute's course on appraising green and efficient buildings train real estate professionals on the distinguishing characteristics that make a home efficient, the increasing demand for these homes, and the way energy efficiency can be leveraged to increase a homes value. In the past, MEEA has also offered these trainings in Illinois through the Illinois Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. 

MEEA also educates members of the real estate industry through “lunch and learn” presentations as part of an Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF) grant. These short presentations focus on smart grid technology and related real-time pricing and peak-time rebate programs. Realtors are encouraged to pass this information on to their clients when they purchase a home with a smart meter.

If you are a real estate association interested in offering the Green Designation or a Smart Grid Lunch-and-Learn to your members, please e-mail us.