Utility-Enabled Whole Building Data at Scale: It’s a Win-win

MEEA Webinars


Think you know how to reduce building energy consumption in the U.S.? This webinar will prove there are solutions you have yet to imagine. In most markets, buildings are un- or under-managed assets, and we need to turn our conversations about what buildings consume and how they interact with the grid into real action at scale.  In this webinar, MEEA and Calico Energy share how the right stakeholders working together will change the way utilities interact with the built world.


  • Alison Lindburg, Senior Building Policy Manager, MEEA
  • Julia Eagles, Associate Director of Utility & Regulatory Strategy, IMT
  • Da’Janel Roberts-Smith, Sr. Business Project Manager, ComEd
  • Colleen Morris, President & CEO, Calico Energy

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