MEEA members attend the Midwest Energy Solutions Conference

Building Energy Codes Conference

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12th Annual Midwest Building Energy Codes Conference

November 3-5, 2021 - Virtual

The Midwest Building Energy Codes Conference brings together stakeholders from across the Midwest to discuss the advancement of energy codes in the region and best practices for raising compliance. This free annual conference provides an opportunity to network, engage in building science and policy discussions and learn from leading experts about current and future trends. This year's conference is a live virtual event, taking place via Zoom. Register today >


Wednesday, November 3

Midwest Roundup

Informal Networking Session 

Let's Clear the Air: Energy Efficiency, Decarbonization, and Buildings

Thursday, November 4

Energy Code Compliance in the Digital Age

Advanced Building Technologies Technical Workshop

Networking Event

Friday, November 5

Building Energy Policy and Equity

Informal Discussion: Residential Off-site Construction - Why hasn't it grown in the Midwest?

Building Performance Standards: How are they developed and implemented?

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For more information about the event, please contact Karin Gredvig, Building Policy Associate (