Case Study Library

Across the Midwest and beyond, cities are at various stages of conversion; learn about nearby cities’ experiences through MEEA’s street lighting case study library. 

Algona, IA: Algona found that joint purchase programs can help smaller municipalities benefit from economies of scale when purchasing LED fixtures.

Asheville, NC: Ashville discovered the importance of dedicating time to customer service during the installation process; the number one complaint was that fixtures were too bright.

Boston, MA: Boston succeeded by making product specifications as detailed as possible, utilizing IES RP-8 guidelines.

Detroit, MI: Detroit’s Lighting Authority offers flexibility to neighborhood groups who desire to install alternative styles of light poles, allowing them to pay the difference between the standard and alternate designs.

Kansas City, MO: Kansas City benefited from a side-by-side in situ comparison of nine different LED street light products.

Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles ensured their chosen technologies would perform as desired in specific settings by completing test installations. To date, street light energy use has been reduced by 63.1 percent.

Minneapolis, MN: Minneapolis selected the I-35W bridge as a test site to measure long-term performance of LEDs; its report unveils photometric and illuminance test results.

Seattle, WA: Seattle set up pilots with a narrowed-down group of products to help reveal critical information about how they performed in the real world.