Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program, “Unexpected Love Story” Campaign - 2020 Inspiring Efficiency Marketing Award Winner

Marketing Award acceptance speech

During the 16th Annual Inspiring Efficiency Awards Dinner and Gala, the Inspiring Efficiency Marketing Award was presented to the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program’s “Unexpected Love Story” campaign. The Inspiring Efficiency Marketing Award is presented to the nominee that has engaged in or supported a successful marketing campaign or strategy to increase the adoption or market penetration of energy efficient products or altered public behaviors and practices in the Midwest.

The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program developed the “Unexpected Love Story” campaign to take their customers on a relatable energy efficiency journey while promoting furnace rebates. The campaign is an innovative comic strip-type love story, highlighting the reliability and cost-saving benefits of upgrading to an energy-efficient furnace. Through weekly social media posts, a bill insert, billboards and digital ads, “Unexpected Love Story” highlighted a woman and the familiar experience of a turbulent relationship – but with an energy efficiency twist. Her relationship is with her old, battle-worn furnace. The campaign resulted in an 8.3% increase in furnace rebate participation, an 81% increase in Find a Contractor tool visits, a 298% increase in sessions driven from digital ad clicks and a 102% increase in website visits from Facebook.

Jackie Nagel, Manager, Customer Engagement at Nicor Gas accepted the award during the 16th Annual Inspiring Efficiency Awards. We congratulate the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program on their excellent campaign.

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