Lisa Keels


LG&E and KU Energy

Board Member

Lisa Keels is manager of Emerging Business Delivery at LG&E and KU Energy. She is responsible for implementing and managing the Kentucky Public Service Commission-approved portfolio of programs that offer customers tools to adopt energy efficient measures and incorporate renewables as part of their energy use. The current portfolio of programs includes: WeCare (Weatherization for Income Qualified Customers), Business Rebates, Demand Conservation, Solar Share, Business Solar, Green Energy and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

Lisa’s passion for sustainability is demonstrated in her continuous efforts to empower the community by connecting them with resources that encourages social, economic, and environmental growth.  Lisa has over twenty-two years of experience in the electric utility industry with a proven track record of successful customer engagement.  Lisa has demonstrated her ability to increase customer participation in offerings through education, and successful collaborations with the community and business partners.