MEEA Webinar: Better Buildings, Better Plants - 3M Company Spotlight

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Better Buildings, Better Plants Program is a voluntary partnership initiative to drive significant energy efficiency improvement across U.S. industry. More than 140 leading manufacturers are partnering with DOE through Better Plants to improve efficiency, cut energy costs and carbon emissions. Through this program, leading manufacturers partner with DOE to improve their energy intensity by 25% over ten years, develop energy management plans, and track and report their annual progress.

This webinar takes a deeper look into the Better Buildings, Better Plants Program and 3M’s industrial efficiency accomplishments. Andre de Fontaine, with DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office, provided an overview of the program, shared benefits of joining, and highlighted successes to date. Steve Schultz, Corporate Energy Manager for 3M, followed with a discussion of the company's participation in Better Plants and ISO 50001, and presented a review of recent company energy efficiency initiatives.

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