Women in Building Performance: Darlene Jackson

Darlene Jackson is a program associate on the Residential team at the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA). In this role, she provides support in the coordination and implementation of HVAC SAVE and Illinois Home Performance. Before MEEA, she worked as a Policy Analyst for Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity through the graduate public service internship program. 

Lindsay Bachman Flickinger: How did you get started in the energy efficiency industry? 

Darlene Jackson: While completing my MPA program, I worked for the state of Illinois within the economic sector. I had the task of researching the different ways that solar and energy efficiency could positively impact the state’s economics. I grew interested in the space of conserving energy. I started to explore my options within the field. After applying and interviewing, a good friend/former classmate of mine mentioned how much he loved his job and the people he worked with and told me I should apply for a position with his organization. After about a three-week process, I’d finally landed a job in the industry. Lesson learned: Never doubt the power of networking and keeping in touch with former colleagues and classmates.

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