Join an Organization that is Making a Difference

MEEA operates at the forefront of the energy and environmental industry. Our staff has the opportunity to work collaboratively with utilities, government and policymakers, non-profits, consultants, and other professionals to affect change on one of the most important issues of our time—energy efficiency.  We are excited about what we do and about making a difference in the world. We are inspired to reduce our impact on the environment on a personal and professional level. With our own LEED-CI Gold office, MEEA is housed in a high-performance green interior space that provides a healthy, productive workplace that is less costly to operate and maintain, and that reduces our environmental footprint.

MEEA's culture is defined by a high-energy staff committed to our mission. We strive to reinforce our mission in all of activities as well as focusing on professional development, increasing staff authority, and a culture of innovation. MEEA also strives for a balance between professional and personal life so we can enjoy our families and friends, and our other passions outside of energy efficiency.

If you have passion for increasing awareness, facilitating programs, and promoting policies to advance energy efficiency, MEEA is a strong career choice.