MEEA Program Events

MEEA's Program Events include webinars, meetings and workshops, and trainings.  Webinars serve to provide updates about MEEA program successes and introductions to new programs and technologies. Our meetings and workshops provide networking and peer-sharing opportunities for members, program administrators, technology suppliers, and utilities that work in the energy efficiency industry. Trainings provide hands-on learning to contractors, building operators, and other individuals seeking to increase their expertise in energy-efficient technolgies and techniques.

Upcoming MEEA Program Events

There are no MEEA Program Events currently on the calendar.

Program Meetings & Workshops

Solid-State Lighting Workshops



Midwest LUMEN

The Lighting Utility Midwest Exchange Network (Midwest LUMEN) group is a collaborative network of efficiency program administrators who are involved in, or are interested in becoming involved in, solid-state lighting. This group offers participants the chance to engage in peer-to-peer consultation and collaboration and to receive updates on industry news.

Midwest LUMEN (formerly known as Midwest LEDers) has met several times - July 2013 in Chicago, October 2013 in Lexington, KY, and January 2014 in Chicago. Attendance at Midwest LUMEN meetings is by invitation only and space is limited. Midwest LUMEN members will be informed of upcoming meeting dates.

To join Midwest LUMEN, or for more information on any of our SSL Resources, please contact Rose Jordan at rjordan@mwalliance.org or 312.673.2487.


MEEA Trainings

Training Programs

Building Operator Certification® (BOC) is a nationally recognized training and certification program focusing on energy efficient building operations and preventative maintenance procedures. Facilities with BOC graduates are proven to save energy, have lower energy bills, and offer an improved comfort for occupants.
Illinois Home Performance is pleased to announce the Building Science Training Series, designed for and by home energy efficiency professionals. MEEA developed this training series to help residential contractors and energy auditors prepare for Illinois Home Performance, stay up to date with the latest building science techniques, and earn BPI Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).
The HVAC SAVE program is a regional HVAC contractor training and certification initiative. This training teaches the skills necessary to determine actual effective efficiency of any functioning HVAC system and includes hands on demonstrations on how to perform critical HVAC diagnostics. Students who successfully pass the exam will receive the HVAC SAVE certification indicating their competency in HVAC performance and verification testing.

MEEA Program Webinars

MEEA's Program Webinars introduce MEEA programs, provide program information and updates, and provide technical information about new and innovative products and programs from MEEA Members. Our Industrial Webinars cover energy efficiency program design and implementation specific to the industrial & manufacturing sector.

Upcoming MEEA Program Webinars

There are no MEEA Program Webinars currently on the calendar.