Home Performance with Energy Star®

MEEA plays an important role across the Midwest in developing and coordinating Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) efforts. HPwES is a national initiative run by the U.S. DOE and sponsored locally across the county. This program connects homeowners with qualified contractors and energy auditors who assess the 'performance' of existing homes and perform targeted renovations that result in energy savings and improved comfort, safety, and durability.  As a market-based program that is focused on improving existing homes, HPwES is complementary to low-income Weatherization Assistance Programs, LEED for Homes, and ENERGY STAR qualified new homes.

Improving the comfort, safety and value of America's housing stock

HPwES is a science-based approach to improving the housing stock. There is no guess-work here: Improvements are recommended only after a diagnostic home energy assessment is completed which outlines the specific home improvements that are recommended to address comfort issues and reduce the overall energy use of the house. Qualified, vetted contractors perform improvements, which often include sealing up drafts and ductwork, installing wall and attic insulation, and tuning up or replacing heating and cooling equipment.

The home energy upgrade is completed following specified standards and sound building science principles. Furthermore, homeowners receive documentation of the home energy assessment (energy audit), completed upgrades, and "test-out," which provides verified data on the home's improved performance. A quality assurance program works behind the scenes helping contractors improve their work and customer satisfaction while giving homeowners confidence that the home improvements have been properly installed.

Illinois Home Performance

MEEA has successfully designed a statewide HPwES program for Illinois that has the support of Illinois' utilities as well as the State Energy Office. MEEA serves as the program's Statewide Coordinator, responsible for homeowner education, contractor training, and partner coordination.  In this role, MEEA eases the infrastructure development burden that often makes HPwES programs too costly for utilities to run on their own.

Important Illinois Home Performance developments led by MEEA in 2011-12 include:

To learn more about Illinois Home Performance and MEEA's role in this program, visit www.IllinoisHomePerformance.org, call 866-0395-1032, or follow us on Twitter at @IllinoisHP.

View a recent program overview  presentation by clicking the image below.

Home Performance Quarterly Conference Calls

MEEA will be holding quarterly conference calls to discuss home performance programs in the Midwest and to foster information sharing and best practices.  To find out more about these calls, please contact Will Baker at wbaker@mwalliance.org. Presentations from previous calls are available for viewing below.

Home Performance in Your State

We would be pleased to share our experience in Illinois gathering the necessary stakeholders, designing a program that meets diverse needs, and securing support for the program across the region.  To learn more about MEEA's role in developing and coordinating Home Performance with Energy Star programs including contractor training and homeowner education, please contact Will Baker, Program Manager at wbaker@mwalliance.org or 312-673-2489.