Midwest Home Performance: Incentives

On Wednesday August 10th, 2011, MEEA hosted the second quarterly Midwest Home Performance call designed to foster a network of and facilitate conversation for home performance program professionals across the Midwest. Jensen Adams, Associate Executive Director at the Metropolitan Energy Center in Kansas City, and Glenda Abney, Director of the Missouri Botanical Gardens’ EarthWays Center framed the conversation with a presentation on incentives and home performance.

Ms. Abney drew from her experience working with differing incentives in four whole home programs in the St. Louis area to identify key components in determining incentive levels and structures that fit with specific programs. She adroitly recognized that funding sources dictate the discussion on incentives and that appropriately sized incentives promote the maximum energy efficiency program participation at minimal total cost.

Mr. Adams spoke about conceptualizing incentives as more than just consumer rebates. Good customer service can act as a consumer incentive by engaging homeowners in the process. At the same time, combining multiple incentives from similar programs provides for greater leverage for all the programs involved. The ensuing discussion focused on regional comparisons and how technology will provide for more efficient incentive processes in the future.

The next call will be held in November, 2011. If you would like more information about these calls, please contact Will Baker at wbaker@mwalliance.org