Looking Forward: Lessons in Energy Efficiency from Canada

Is Canada ahead in the turtle race to energy efficiency in North America? The always-witty Phillipe Dunsky, president of Dunsky Energy Consulting, thinks that while Canada’s past on that front might have been humdrum, it’s a whole new era now.

For that, credit Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, contended Dunsky at the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s 2016 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference. He noted that until three months ago, the two countries possessed very similar energy-efficiency perspectives:

  • Energy standards vary greatly across the provinces as they do across the states; just look at the vast difference between West Virginia and California.
  • A mix of design options exist, including integrated resource plan-driven, target-driven and shareholder incentives.
  • Both face the utility market “death spiral “of growing efficiencies slowing demand for energy, which increases energy’s costs that further the drivers of energy efficiency.

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