Energy Efficiency Policies and Practices in South Dakota

State Government

Beyond simply enacting legislation and regulations to advance energy efficiency within the state's residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, state (as well as county and municipal) governments can also provide vision and leadership for their constituents.

Leading by Example

By having an agency dedicated to energy policies, setting goals for reduction of energy use by state agencies, establishing high standards for the efficiency of state-owned and operated buildings, and implementing policies that promote energy efficiency in public-service buildings, government demonstrate the value of energy efficiency and reduce the amount of the state's revenue that is spent on energy purchases. Every Midwestern state has a state energy office and many have adopted other policies aimed at managing the state’s energy consumption as well as encouraging others to follow its lead.

State Energy Office

The Energy Management Office, part of South Dakota's Bureau of Administration, serves as the State Energy Office.

The Energy Management Office advises institutions on the implementation of economical energy savings activities for state facilities and assists them in developing energy management strategies like load shaping and long-term efficiency plans. The office serves as the state's Western Area Power Administration coordinator to ensure the Integrated Resource Plan remains in compliance. The Statewide Energy Manager advises the state on electric deregulation and negotiates energy supply and delivery contracts.

Visit the Energy Management Office website. Check out NASEO's North Dakota page.

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State Energy Plan or Vision

The South Dakota State Energy Plan is implemented by the State Energy Management Office.  There is no readily-available downloadable copy of the Plan available from their website, though it is directly referenced. The stated goal of the Plan is "to promote energy efficiency and energy cost savings by helping South Dakota’s institutions implement cost-effective energy efficiency improvement measures."

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State Agency Energy Reduction Requirement

South Dakota does not have a specific energy reduction requirement for state agencies.

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EE in New State Buildings

South Dakota Codified Laws Sections 5-14-32 through 5-14-35, inclusive, apply to all new construction projects and renovations by state agencies. Any new or renovated building that contains an HVAC system must achieve LEED Silver, "two globes" under the GBI Green Globes rating system, or another comparable high performance building rating.

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Recognition or Award Program

South Dakota does not have any recognition or award programs for energy efficiency.

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