Advocate for Effective Policy
In order to affect positive change across state lines and throughout the Midwest, MEEA has worked to create a regionally coordinated, policy-based approach to advancing energy efficiency. We work with partner organizations, policymakers, and our broad coalition of members to raise awareness, increase ratepayer investment in energy efficiency, and increase the adoption and enforcement of building energy codes throughout the region.

Building Energy Codes & Benchmarking

Building energy codes contain minimum energy efficiency provisions for residential and commercial buildings. Energy codes are recognized as a simple and cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills.

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Overview of Energy Efficiency Policies & Practices

There are many aspects of energy policy that influence energy efficiency, from executive orders and policy goals, to legislative mandates, and regulatory and compliance issues.  MEEA provides support and education for policymakers at all levels that are working to advance energy efficiency.  We also strive to provide critical information and analysis to our members and advocacy allies to enlist them in the energy efficiency cause.

MEEA is actively engaged in policy efforts in states throughout our region, including efforts to adopt new policies, to implement recently-passed policy changes, and to update outdated policies.  The energy policy field is dynamic and exciting, with new advances and ongoing challenges, and many places for involvement at the municipal, state, and regional level.

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Midwest State Policies & Practices

Energy efficiency policies vary from state-to-state in MEEA's region.  While no single state does it all, across the region there are examples of the best practices in energy efficiency policy.  MEEA works with a broad spectrum of energy efficiency stakeholders in the states in our footprint to help bring all the states in the region to the highest levels of energy efficiency.  Our policy activities vary from state to state, depending on the political climate and calendar, the engagement of in-state and regional organizations, and the opportunities for action that each state presents.

Regional Collaboration

As the Source on Energy Efficiency for the Midwest, MEEA takes an active leadership role in cross-state collaborative efforts in the region.  Whether working with the extensive nonprofit energy advocacy network, REAMP, or with the high political echelons at the Midwestern Governors Association, or through our own network of members and allies, MEEA's efforts at regional collaboration are helping drive energy efficiency forward in the Midwest.

MEEA Policy Events

MEEA hosts policy-related events to help educate policymakers, utilities, manufacturers and other businesses, and the public about the benefit of strong energy efficiency policies.

The Policy Events that MEEA holds throughout the region include:

  • Energy Expos, public events featuring energy efficiency organizations, manufacturers of energy efficient products, energy efficiency service providers, and other energy resources.
  • Regional Codes Conference, an annual event that brings together Midwestern code advocates and stakeholders to discuss regional codes issues like enforcement, verification, code advances, and training needs.
  • Thought Leadership Roundtables, invitation-only events to bring key stakeholders together to discuss energy efficiency policy.