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Press Contact

MEEA is the Midwest's central source and thought leader on energy efficiency. MEEA's national network of experts have years of collective experience in the industry and can be a voice on any topic that the media may be covering from energy efficiency to other environmental challenges.  MEEA provides a link to the leaders who are at the forefront of the energy industry, including utilities, government and policymakers, non-profits, academic and research institutions, retailers and manufacturers, consultants and other professionals.

MEEA's staff members are available to help the media with any story related to energy efficiency and can connect you with the resources you need to complete your story.

To learn more about story opportunities on energy efficiency policy and programs, email Stacey Paradis, Director of External Relations, or call her at 312.784.7267.


MEEA Minute

The MEEA Minute is our monthly newsletter.  Contents change from month to month, and include updates on MEEA activities and programs, announcements of upcoming events, profiles of our new members and news from our existing members, updates on Midwest and national energy efficiency policy, and more.  You can access the archive of past issues of the MEEA Minute through our MEEA News page, and you can sign up for the newsletter through the Newsletter link in the bottom navigation bar.

MEEA Press

While all of our Press Releases can be found in the MEEA News section, occassionally we get some especially good coverage which we will highlight in the MEEA in the News section.  This section will include the latest and greatest of MEEA's press coverage.