Alliance for Industrial Efficiency

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The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency is a growing coalition of business, labor, and non-profit organizations that advocate for policies that increase U.S. manufacturing competitiveness through industrial energy efficiency, especially the use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Waste Heat to Power (WHP). CHP and WHP could provide 20 percent of America’s electricity while cutting emissions and slashing energy costs for U.S. manufacturers. To date, the Alliance has focused on improving financing for CHP and WHP, increasing demand for CHP and WHP, and incorporating CHP and WHP in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act rules.

The Alliance coordinates its members’ lobbying of Congress and the Administration, develops coordinated communications strategies, and mobilizes members and affiliates to support expanded awareness of industrial efficiency. The Alliance is guided by a Steering Committee of its members and staffed by David Gardiner & Associates.

Member since 2014