HVAC SAVE is a utility-sponsored training and contractor certification program that teaches HVAC contractors to easily diagnose the performance of furnaces, central air conditioners, air source heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps. The training focuses on how to use static pressures, system temperatures, and airflows to identify existing system deficiencies, allowing contractors to make targeted repairs or adjustments.

Since 2010, MEEA has trained over 2,500 contractors in over 125 trainings with support from various utilities throughout the Midwest.   The program has resulted in over 150,000 verified quality installations.

HVAC SAVE was developed by MEEA in partnership with Energy Stewards International.

For more information about becoming HVAC SAVE certified, please visit the HVAC SAVE website.

Building Science Training Series

As part of the Illinois Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program (IHP), MEEA developed continuing education courses in advanced building science topics.

The courses cover a range of topics suitable for individuals in the home performance field. Past classes have covered topics such as Home Performance Sales and Marketing, Air Sealing in Complex Homes, Infrared Camera Technologies and the Building Performance Institute (BPI)’s Building Science Principles course.

Building Science Training Series courses help Illinois Home Performance Participating Contractors hone their skills and brush up on their knowledge while preparing new students to participate in Illinois Home Performance. All classes are taught by local building science experts and provide BPI CEUs.

Interested in the Building Science Training Series? Visit the IHP website.