Energy Efficiency Day

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On October 5, 2017, a nationwide network will promote the benefits of energy efficiency, for the second annual Energy Efficiency Day campaign.

As a valued organization, you're invited to participate in Energy Efficiency Day by sharing pro-energy efficiency messages through your online and social media channels. (Note: We are not requesting financial support, just communications support to promote the campaign and messaging.) Please join us by signing up on the website, and share this information with the relevant outreach person at your organization. 
For Energy Efficiency Day 2017, we're asking partners to help amplify pro-energy efficiency messaging in ways that direct audiences back to their own online energy efficiency tips and resources.


Energy Efficiency Day: Save energy. Save money.

Hashtag: #EEDay2017

Campaign Goals


Energy Efficiency Day is a collaborative effort of regional and national organizations working to promote energy efficiency. More than 175 government agencies, companies, utilities, cities, and other organizations were official supporters in 2016.

Opportunities to Participate

Government, corporate, and industrial partners can help support Energy Efficiency Day 2017 by sharing appropriate content and reaching out to the media on and before October 5. Again, we are not requesting financial support, just communications support to promote the campaign and messaging. This memo offers ideas about how to participate, including:  

  • Use the campaign’s sample social media posts and content (or your own) to direct visitors to energy efficiency tips on your own website. You’ll find everything you need here.

  • Write and post a blog about your energy efficiency success story, tips, or content ahead of the 2017 Energy Efficiency Day.

  • Issue your own press statement urging your audiences to save energy, and save money.

  • Promote your own energy efficiency success stories during and after the campaign.

  • Take the Light Bulb Challenge or Office Lighting Challenge: pledge to upgrade to LEDs at home or work. And encourage your network to do the same and sign on.

  • Help reach the media: pitch a story to a news outlet – mainstream and trade publications – about what your company or organization is doing to improve energy efficiency.

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