AEE's Year in Review 2018: Breakthroughs, Setbacks, and Holding Patterns



For the advanced energy industry, 2018 was full of policy twists and turns. Breakthroughs, some surprising, others long in the making. Setbacks, which were painful either way. Then there were the issues seemingly in stasis, still to be grappled with in the coming year. In this webinar, AEE’s experts will discuss their picks for the most significant breakthroughs, setbacks, and stalemates in advanced energy – and yours!

Panelists are:

  • Robert Keough, VP, Communications (moderator)
  • Lisa Frantzis, SVP, 21st Century Electricity System
  • Amisha Rai, Senior Director, California Policy
  • Dylan Reed, Head of Congressional Affairs
  • J.R. Tolbert, VP, State Policy

Upon registration, and live during the webinar, you’ll have the chance to put forth your own favorite wins, losses, and draws of 2018 for consideration.

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