Focus On Energy Request for Concepts: Pitch Day 2022

FOCUS ON ENERGY® announces Pitch Day 2022! Pitch Day 2022 is an opportunity for
industry partners and stakeholders to showcase pilot program ideas to a panel of judges in an interactive way.

During the week of August 15, Focus on Energy will release a Request for Concepts (RFC) seeking pilot programs addressing any of the four concept categories
listed below:

  1. Behavioral Energy Savings.
  2. Energy Equity.
  3. Innovative Tools for Energy Efficiency Programs.
  4. Others concepts identified through the Quad IV planning process.

In addition to energy savings, Focus on Energy will look for pilots capable of delivering high customer satisfaction and increased customer participation, particularly in underserved communities or populations with high energy burden. Other key design elements should include stakeholder and utility engagement and scalability across customer segments.

Concepts will be assessed based on the elements above along with innovativeness, impact on decarbonization, and overall design. Energy efficiency research and development projects will not be considered as part of this request for concepts. Highest scoring concepts will be invited to pitch their idea to a panel of judges during the week of October 10. Judges will score each concept according to a list of criteria to determine which ideas will be selected for funding during Quad IV.