Kara Jonas

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Senior Program Manager

As a Senior Program Manager, Kara oversees all of MEEA’s residential energy efficiency programs. These programs include Ameren Missouri’s Real Estate Energy Audits Program, a REALTOR® outreach and education program funded through the Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF) and a pilot program funded through ComEd’s Emerging Technologies Department focused on engaging the real estate sector on energy efficiency. Kara is responsible for ensuring all program goals are met or exceeded within the agreed upon budget and timeframe. She also oversees all subcontractor and program partner activities.

Aside from overseeing energy efficiency programs, Kara leads the facilitation of MEEA’s Utility Research and Development (R&D) Collaborative, which provides member utilities a platform to share information on pilot projects being implemented in their service territories. She also assists in the facilitation of the Midwest Market Transformation Collaborative, which enables member utilities to claim long-term energy savings from market transformation initiatives. Kara regularly contributes to MEEA’s new business development efforts through grant writing and proposal management.

Prior to MEEA, Kara worked at ICF where she supported residential program implementation for clients in Michigan. Kara earned her Bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University. In her free time, Kara enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, hiking and watching the Food Network Channel.

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