Scott Drake

Scott Drake Headshot

East Kentucky Power Cooperative 

Board Member

Scott is currently the Manager of Corporate Technical Services at East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC). In this position, Scott develops and manages all energy efficiency programs for 16 of the 24 rural customer-owned electric cooperatives in Kentucky. EKPC has developed and continues to build a diverse DSM portfolio without state-mandated energy efficiency requirements. Their incentive programs include weatherization, HVAC equipment and duct sealing, new home construction, residential lighting, commercial and industrial lighting and industrial compressed-air. EKPC has participated in MEEA’s Midwest LUMEN meetings and served as a host in 2013. Prior to this post, Scott served EKPC as manager of its Envision Energy Services, LLC, a for-profit subsidiary specializing in commercial and industrial DSM programs, and as both senior engineer for R&D and transmission planning and transmission line design. Scott is a registered professional engineer in Kentucky and holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kentucky at Lexington.